Spring Break Redux

The webmaster is just a tad overbooked right now, so the Eighties movies flow will pause for a brief break. The rad doings will resume soon; in the meantime, check out the hundreds of titles already here.

2 Responses to Spring Break Redux

  1. Betsy Blank says:

    My apologies if you have reviewed this already but…..
    Born in East L.A. !!! We recently re-watched this Cheech flic, and REALLY dug it. Sincerely. He is so freakin’ unique, and the content is arty, sentimental, counter culture, and relevent and hilarious. And so 80s. I think what I liked most about it, was that the movie has jokes that are not spelled out for the viewer – stuff that is just funny for no reason (like El Feo eating a banana.) Contrast that to movies like the Hangover franchise which spell every joke out and then beat-it-to-the-ground. Cheech just gets more awesome as the years go by.

  2. yourfriendelectric says:

    Miss you and your reviews.
    Come back sometime.
    When life slows down and gives you some space.

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