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This is a “diary” in movie reviews: the decade of the 1980s, written by a working critic who slogged through the weird, the cruddy, and even, occasionally, the some kind of wonderful. Present-day annotation will provide hindsight, but otherwise these are the movies as they appeared: first impressions of Gymkata, the Police Academy pictures, the Stallone-Schwarzenegger-Norris oeuvre at its peak. I have always loved reading day-of-release reviews, which present a portrait of the movie without the intervention of subsequent trends or fashions or historical distance. This is an extended time capsule, complete with now-unneccessary explanations (“an Irish actor named Liam Neeson,” stuff like that). I’ll try to keep a steady flow of reviews from my stash of yellowing clippings, even when the results embarrass me. Most of these reviews were published in the Herald, the daily newspaper of Everett, Washington; some pieces come from the Seattle Times, Movietone News magazine, and the Seattle Film Society’s newsletter, The Informer, of which I was editor.

Here, ladies and gentlemen, are famous titles and oddities you have never freaking heard of. These are the children of Ronald Reagan and Lucinda Dickey. These are the damned. These are the 1980s, as they happened. –Robert Horton

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